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Ultasound Gel

DEV Digigel gel is used as a coupling medium in all ultrasound procedures to replace air between the transducer and the patient's skin, as ultrasound waves have trouble in traveling through air.

Ultrasound gel is the best medium to achieve these functions. It transfers ultrasound waves between the patient's skin and the transducer and reduces the mismatch of acoustic impedance as it has matching acoustic impedance with soft tissues (1.5 MRayls) for complete transmission of ultrasound waves.

USG gel helps reduce friction and also helps transmit the ultrasound waves. The intensity and depth of the penetrating ultrasound waves can be controlled by the therapist via the machine's settings and it will depend on the specific injury and the stage of healing the patient is in.

Digigel (USG gel) can also be used for imaging and for any other procedure that requires a gel with low resistance. It doesn’t dry out quickly nor does it run. This conductive ultrasound gel is non-staining, greaseless and non-corrosive. It is made of a bacteriostatic formulation that is hypoallergenic and water-soluble and it can be spread thinly.

Ultrasound Gel is a multipurpose gel, specially formulated to provide clear and consistence ultrasound transmission throughout a broad range of frequencies.

The Multipurpose Ultrasound Gel is blue in colour with a medium viscosity of 70 to 80 Kcps at 25° and features a pH level that is neutral. As with the low viscosity gel above, it can also be used for imaging and therapeutic ultrasounds.