Surgical Product

Dev Pharmacare import & suppling ECG Electrode, ECG Paper Roll, ECG Clamp Electrodes, SPO2 Probe, Neo. SPO2 Probe, 5 lead ECG Cable, 10 Lead ECG Cable, Nibp Cuff, Disposable Cuff, Nibp hose pipe, ecg Bulb, ECG Clamp, Bipap mask, Bipap Circuit, Bain Circuit, Plain Circuit, Drager Flow sensor, Temperature Probe, Test Lung, Ambubag, Laryngoscope, Humidifier Bottle, Cautery Pencil, Bipolar-Forcep, Silicon Plate, Disposable Plate, Foot Switch, Bipolar Cable, DB9 Connector, Push/Pull Connector, NIBP Cuff Connector, Warmer Temperature Probe, Luer Lock Syringe with needle, Insulin Syringe, Sterile hypodermic needle, Urometer with urine bag, Suction Catheter, 3 way stopcock, Nasal cannula Oxygen Mask, Nebuliser Mask, GuedelSirway, ET Tube Plain, Ryles tube, Infant feeding tube, Mucus Extractor, Urine Bag, Folleys Catheter, Transfusion Infusion, IV Cannula, Extension Line, Scalp Vein, Artificial resuscitator (Renimation Bag), Rebreathing Bag, Corrugated Tube, Reservoir Bag PVC, Head Hardness, Magill Forceps, Facemask, Digital thermometer, Oximeter, Surgical Blande, Disposable Scalpels, Infusion set –Dial flow, Infusion set-NV, Infusion vented, Infusion set –Delux, Infusion set-Mirco drip, Blood Administration set, Suction Catheter, TUR Set, Colostomy Kit, Surgical Product, Physiotherapy Product, Hand Splint, Leg Splint, Hand Cap, Knees Cap, Niddle, Cotton Pad, Blanded, Mask.

Dev Pharmacare suppling their product in government tender.