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Glass Cleaners

Dev Pharmacare Glass Cleaners remove germs and stubborn stains from all glass and fiber surfaces, Plexiglas, electronic goods, kitchen appliances, windows, car windshields, laminated objects and plastic furniture. Our liquid glass cleaners are easy to spray and use quick drying formula that not only foams less but also smells good.

Special anti-dust and anti-mist formula
Streak-free with long lasting shine and fragrance

pH Controlled Safe for Hands

Technical Data

Density: (20°C), approx. 0.97 g/cm³

pH value: (20°C) (5g/l H2O) approx. 7-8

Quality Assurance

Dev Pharmacare can customize your order based on specific Formula and Ingredients. We are open to variety of packaging options and beyond standard sizes. All our products pass through quality checks at various levels to provide you unmatched quality at a competitive cost.

Sizes Available: 500 ml and 5 ltrs.