Dishwash Compound

Dishwashing Liquids and automatic dishwasher detergent contain biodegradable formulas that cut through grease and dried-on food for a shine without compromise. Dishwashing is a pleasantly fragrant experience when you use natural dish liquid that contains essential oils and botanical extracts, such as French lavender harvested by co-op farmers in the foothills of the Alps or handpicked citrus fruit from sun-bathed southern Italy. This dish soap also is available in a scent-free, hypoallergenic free & clear formula.

Other Details:

Plant-derived dish soap effectively cuts grease

Non-toxic natural dish liquid soap

Dishwashing soap that is free of dyes and synthetic fragrances

Biodegradable liquid dish soap formula

Exchange select

Clean and fresh, with oxygen cleaning action

Quality value

Dilution -- 1:8 with Water.

8 Litre Water can be added to 1 Litre Concentrate

Additional Information:

Production Capacity: 5000 Kg per Day

Packing Size: 5kg & 50kg & 200kg

Delivery Time: 1-2 Days